Important Stuff exhibits felt design from Nepal at art gallery Zwolle

From the press release:

Zwolle – ‘Dutch sobriety and Nepalese craftsmanship’

Pouf Pillows looking like hard stone pebbles but feeling soft and warm to the touch. Felt storage objects in warm colors for magazines, wine, flowers, knitting… Important stuff designs and imports trendy home accessories made of felt produced in developing countries. All products are handmade and therefore unique: “Beautiful products with a sustainable and fair character.”

Important Stuff, founded in 2008 by Joan Boonstra and Linda van der Meijden, combines knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with commitment. “We guarantee that our products are made by people who get a fair payment and good conditions to do their work. In addition, part of the profit goes back to development projects in Nepal, one of the poorest countries in the world.”

The sales exhibition is on display for free until April 2014 at Kunstuitleen Zwolle, Voorstraat 31. Tuesday / Saturday from 11 am until 17 pm, Thursday late night shopping until 21 pm. More information

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