products for your business or organization, is also a possibility Important Stuff offers. Important Stuff offers companies and organizations the opportunity to create a personalized product displaying their logo or expressing their identity. This can be a birthday gift or a holiday gift. It could also be used in the (partial) furnishing of an office space.

All our products are handmade on a fair trade basis made by small-scale producers with whom we have a lot of personal contact. Custom orders fit perfectly into our concept.

Together we would discuss your wishes and the possibilities which can lead to a concrete idea or concept. This idea will be translated in sketches and samples. Using the custom designs, we make further adjustments so the final order can take shape. You can also customize one of our existing products to given size or color.

Customized products require more time, but also allows you to make it your own unique handmade product.

Christmas gift

Every year it is a challenge to find a suitable Christmas gift; appropriate for your business or organization, but also appropriate for the people for whom it is intended. Again, we can help you.

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