Making felt

Making felt is a time consuming process as all of our products are handmade.

Felting is a traditional technique for processing wool.
Making felt is simple but very labor intensive and requires a lot of experience. To make felt, you need three things: water, wool and soap. Firts lay tufts of wool in several layers, then rub the wool with soap and water making the fibers grab together. Through rolling the 100% organic wool, the naturally occurring wool becomes felt!


All our felt products are handmade.
Felt is made from pure wool and thus has the properties of wool. It feels quite soft because, like wool, it consists of resilient fibers. It is somewhat elastic and can be stretched 20 to 40% without tearing. It isolates, but does not seal, is not static and has excellent moisturizing effects.


Merino wool is the softest wool quality and does not itch. The Merino sheep, a real wool sheep, comes originally from Spain.
Merino wool is soft, very fine and highly crimped, felted very well and is perfect for baby clothes and accessories and is also hypo-allergenic.

Felt can be hand washed in a wool detergent, but should not be centrifuged or tumble dried.