Cashmere Dhaka shawl, Angelo black

These cashmere shawls are made for Important Stuff by Sunil Rai.

Sunil Rai, a young Nepalese designer, was inspired by the symbol of the Nepalese culture, Dhaka.

Dhaka prints are regarded as one of the oldest and most important substances in the Nepalese culture. They are distinguished by their complex geometric designs. It is not unusual that often weavers now more than one hundred weaving patterns by heart. They work without graphics or design and each weaver expresses his own stamp on the design so no single design is the same.

Not only is the scarf hand-woven but the patterns in the thread are dyed by hand. A time-consuming job that requires considerable skill and knowledge.

Just as Important Stuff,Sunil values the craftsmanship that there is plenty of in Nepal.


This cashmere scarf is 170x80cm.